Beyond Intuitive Eating - Total Confidence with Food, Body, and Life

17. When nutrition matters on the food freedom journey

January 16, 2024 Beth Basham
Beyond Intuitive Eating - Total Confidence with Food, Body, and Life
17. When nutrition matters on the food freedom journey
Show Notes

In episode 17 of Beyond Intuitive Eating, host Beth Basham delves into the intricate dance between food freedom and nutritional sensibility. Titled 'When Nutrition Matters on the Food Freedom Journey,' the episode offers listeners practical insights into balancing the intuitive eating principles with individual dietary needs. Beth, a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor, explores the effects of blood sugar stabilization on our food choices, illustrating how to enhance meals with protein and fiber without sacrificing enjoyment. She underscores the power of mindset and emotional states in our relationship with food, advocating for moderation and a departure from forbidden food concepts. With a focus on 'gentle nutrition,' the final principle of the intuitive eating framework, Beth guides listeners towards integrating health into their food freedom journey, emphasizing the importance of noticing how food impacts one's body without judgment. She shares her expertise to help listeners navigate the evolving food environment and encourages forming a neutral, curious approach towards eating habits. Drawing on personal experiences and professional coaching, Beth offers a compassionate perspective for those seeking to blend optimal health with the principles of intuitive eating. Tune in for valuable strategies and Beth's announcement of her group coaching program, 'Peace with Food and Soul,' designed to foster confidence and harmony in one's food and body image journey.


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